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West Cambridge


The University’s vision for West Cambridge is for:

  • A world-class, well connected research and development environment that benefits Cambridge, the region and the UK – one that provides facilities that help the University to retain its globally competitive position by continuing to attract and retain the world's best academics and researchers, as well as one that supports entrepreneurship and collaboration with industry.
  • A high quality working environment that inspires pride and achievement as a world-renown research and development site.
  • High standards in environmental sustainability across the site and sustainable travel methods to and from the site.

There are five objectives:

  1. To optimise the amount of development on the site, to help enhance the position of the City and Region as a world leader in Research and Development
  2. To support the commercialisation of knowledge through entrepreneurship and collaborations with industry
  3. To create and sustain a high quality place by transforming the physical and social environment for site users and neighbours.
  4. To create flexible and efficient space to support viability and long-term value creation
  5. To deliver sustainable development by proactively investing in the quality of the estate and its integration within the City.

The emerging proposals for the masterplan will be created with this vision and these objectives.  You can view the emerging proposals in the Consultation section of the website.